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Enhance your offerings and delight your patrons by incorporating our premium matcha into your menu items: from lattes and coffee beverages to shakes, ice cream, and chocolates.

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Why Should You Be Serving Matcha?

Incorporating matcha into your café or restaurant's menu can elevate your food and drink selections. Beyond being a fashionable and adaptable ingredient, matcha comes loaded with health advantages. Its distinct taste blends seamlessly into a wide range of recipes, adding a novel flair to your offerings. Moreover, featuring matcha items meets the demands of an increasing segment of health-focused patrons seeking organic, antioxidant-packed choices.

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As Dubai's leading supplier of premium Japanese matcha, we offer bulk green tea for wholesale distribution. Our selection includes a variety of matcha grades, both traditional and organic, to meet your needs. Additionally, we offer a range of packaging options for your final product, including bags, tins, and single-serve packets, alongside our bulk matcha green tea powder.

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Bulk Matcha Purchases.

Why Choose Us For Your Matcha Business?

Recognizing the importance of quality in matcha, we are committed to delivering only the highest-grade matcha in every batch. If you're in search of the finest bulk matcha powder, please contact us to explore our exceptional offerings.


Our matcha is sourced from esteemed suppliers, guaranteeing your customers savor the genuine flavor and health advantages of this exquisite green tea.

Competitive Pricing

We prioritize offering premium Matcha at prices that enhance your profitability and draw in a broader customer base, balancing quality with affordability.


From the initial assessment of your needs to the logistics of your order, our dedicated team is here to assist. We provide comprehensive support, including staff training and menu setup, to ensure your matcha offerings are a success.

Join Our Retail Network

We invite you to become a retail partner in the matcha tea leaf and powder market. Offering high-quality, directly sourced matcha from Japan, our products are perfect for the health-conscious consumer market. Partner with us to access a premium range and tap into the thriving demand for authentic matcha.